We will not responsible on losses & data damages on your computer and electronic media device that may result from product consuming and service yang which provide by us.

Several product and service there are no money back gurantee depends on the what kind of product and service. However, we ready to considerate to give back the money on selected product and service, if there are strong reason to do so.

Beside that, We have right to consider either to return the purchase money on our product and service or change the product or serviceperkhidmatan which been purchased/rented/subsribed/bid to other product or service either our own choice or your choice.

We have our right to set our rate and price on our products & services to our prospect customer since our products and services untie with Akta Harga Barang Kawalan Malaysia or Act/Enactment/Ordinance either domestic or international which similiar.

We also had right to pull back the promotion on product or service if we feel neccessary without any notice/notification to our prospect customer.

With any purchased/rented/bid/subscribed on our products and services, you are tied with disclaimer above.

Thank You.

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